About Luxury Rooms St. Jacob

Exclusive Luxury Rooms St. Jacob in Trogir are located just few minutes’ walk from the old town, next to the 18th century St. Jacob Church.  Open all year round, guests at the St. Jacob are treated to an ideal setting, comprising luxurious facilities and warm hospitality for a unique and relaxed vacation experience.

The graceful harmony of traditional architectural elements and local craftsmanship with modern facilities and simple but elegant design touches is apparent throughout the Luxury Rooms St. Jacob, representing Trogir accommodation at its very best.  The reception area, the stylish patio-breakfast  area adjacent to the yard narrow „kala“ (old Dalmatian for a street paved with stone), along with the close proximity to the old town, combine to make this one of the most desirable accommodations in Trogir as well as a special holiday and romantic honeymoon destination.

At Luxury St. Jacob Rooms we want our guests to feel connected to our richly diverse destinations and to have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local Dalmatian culture. This is why we will help you to create your own experience:  ask us about all the options including culture, gastronomy, adventure and wellbeing. Whether you wish to taste authentic Dalmatian cooking or you are keen to explore the beautiful nearby island by boat, our experiences are designed to create memorable journeys, leaving you feeling enriched and inspired.

Alongside the many inspirational adventures we offer, we will not forget the small details and personal touches that can really make the difference. Luxury St. Jacob Rooms offers you a truly personalized in-room experience: modernly furnished, with a private bathroom, tasty breakfast and outside dining table.

All our rooms are unique and modernly furnished, still preserving their Mediterranean architecture along with a luxurious and stylish character for an unforgettable holiday experience.

Our rooms are the ideal choice whether you are planning a holiday with your significant other, your family or friends.

We encourage guests to get in touch with the genuine identity of Trogir by living original experiences as known and lived by the locals until today.

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Great location

Trogir has been recognized as one of the most popular locations in Croatia with its idyllic beaches, stunning sea views across the Adriatic Sea and traditional restaurants tucked away down quaint streets, Trogir offers a truly romantic escape. The town also enjoys a lively cosmopolitan edge with vibrant nightlife, shops and plenty of sports activities for those seeking a more dynamic holiday experience.

For us, however, it remains a place with tradition, history and Dalmatian flavors unchanged in time, as they were passed on to us from our grandfathers and grandmothers.

Travelers are welcome to experience the Dalmatian life while staying at the genuine and impressive Luxury St. Jacob Rooms. We invite you to discover the true Luxury St. Jacob Rooms.