Each room at Luxury St. Jacob Rooms has been decorated with a special attention to the details, inspired by contemporary and artistic style, Mediterranean environment and lifestyle.

The idea behind the interior design was to create an atmosphere which suggests both the tradition and the general feel of the ancient town, with references to memories of our childhood.

Combining traditional architecture with modern amenities, Luxury St. Jacob Rooms make this particular place one of Trogir’s most chic town properties. Arrive ready to indulge in the comfort of stylish, spacious bathrooms (all with walk-in showers), sumptuous beds as well as the latest in-room technology. Come and experience the ultimate in luxury holidays.

There are four luxury rooms to choose from, each excelling for different reasons. Yet, in all four rooms, deluxe amenities and other small surprises will wait for you upon arrival.

With its style and elegance, Luxury St. Jacob Rooms has become a favorite amongst those seeking luxury holidays in a deluxe accommodation in Trogir. The buzzing atmosphere on this elegant jewel of Trogir is on hand for all to experience.